A Brief Introduction to Tikona

The internet has become a necessity for much of the population in present times. With so many of our daily activities involving email, social networking and even entertainment based primarily on the functioning of internet, it’s no surprise that it has seen some incredible growth both in sheer scale and crucially, from a technological perspective. With respect to the latter, one of the most intriguing offerings comes from Tikona Digital Networks (TDN).

Tikona’s Unique Proposition

Rather than relying on long cables that jump across buildings; an erringly familiar sight for most residents in Indian metros, Tikona uses a propriety wireless technology that facilitates fast broadband connectivity for a large area. Key to this is a wireless receiver placed in catchment areas where users of TDNs broadband services are located.

In simple terms, users get state of the art network connectivity using wireless technology that minimizes any problems or inconveniences of traditional wires in addition to providing fast, hassle-free internet services.

User Reviews

Tikona reviews were launched merely six years ago, Tikona’s service offerings have garnered rave reviews. For example, the sheer speed of the internet connection in a country where the average connection speed is far below the global average is a hugely attractive point for consumers. What’s more is that the general public really appreciates the fact that Tikona offers a trial at a person’s residence or office space.

Like any entity that cares deeply about a product, the company stands beside their offerings. Several initiatives have been set up that aim to facilitate ease of use for consumers and solve any problems they may face. These include various helplines for the different kind of queries users may face.

Customer Care (Toll Free No.): 1-800-20-94276

Email: customercare@tikona.in

Technical Queries: 022-6174 9700

Non-Technical Queries: 022-6145 7900

A unique offering is TDN’s on-call tech support. This enables the technical team at Tikona resolve any of the customer’s technical issues that usually can be fixed through a field visit, on the phone. However, the company still does offer the tried and tested practice of a physical visit which are arranged as per the customer’s convenience. Moreover for every such visit, the subscriber receives information about the visiting engineer beforehand through an SMS.

On Call Tech Support (technical Hotline): 022-40629629