ISP Powerhouse: Tikona Digital Networks through the Years

Among the top internet service providers in India, Tikona Digital Networks has come a long way from its inception in 2008. TDN has a subscriber base of over 2.5 lakh homes, around 10,000 business customers and 1500 large and mid-sized enterprises. Tikona made headlines when it became the largest outdoor wireless network provider in the world, the feat was accomplished by mounting more than 40,000 wireless access points in the top 25 cities in India. Tikona offers the best internet plans which are backed by a sophisticated IT enabled service support infrastructure. TDN holds an All-India Class-A ISP license granted from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India,.

History and Founder

The founder and CEO Prakash Bajpai has a rich background in the telecom industry. He was the CEO and President of Reliance Communications and was instrumental in creating Big TV DTH services, Enterprise wireless business, pre-paid PCO business, and enterprise broadband business. Prakash spotted the growth opportunity of Internet services in India and founded Tikona Digital Networks in 2008. The company had a simple goal of providing the subscribers with the best internet experience, the best service and maximum value for the customer’s spend.

Internet Plans & Reviews the company’s official website is designed with simplicity in mind. An existing user or a new subscriber will have a delightful experience in navigating through the website. Tikona’s internet plans provide a wide spectrum of options for heavy usage, medium or light usage and even for flexi users whose usage is quite non-uniform during the year. Subscribers can use the ‘plan selector’ option on the website to choose the plan that suits them the most. This option asks for the user’s budget, speed and usage. It then calculates and churns out internet plans suited to the criteria.

Tikona runs a transparent social platform called as Tikona forum for subscribers to send their feedback, grievances or appreciation. An overwhelming number of Tikona broadband reviews indicate that the overall customer experience is cheerful.


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