Why are Tikona broadband customers the heaviest Internet users?

Tikona users undoubtedly have the biggest consumption in the broadband space, measured as GBs consumed per customer (home) per month on an average. This value is in the region of 20 GB average consumption per month for Tikona and most notably this value has grown 3 fold in the last 3 years. We found out why.

Customers who were surveyed told us that, the number of devices and users in their home has increased from about 2 a couple of years ago to 4 today. There is no age cut off anymore. All members in the home from school going kids to the senior citizens at home use the net extensively.  Of late women have become most prolific users of internet particularly, social networking.

There is a lot more video stuff that is now seen whether on your social networking platforms like whatsapp, facebook or general infotainment channels like youtube.

That with Tikona’s 2/4 Mbps service multiple users can use the net or stream videos or download simultaneously. Customers told us that Tikona’s 4 Mbps service allowed their large family to run upto 4 simultaneous sessions without creating any buffering, while a 2 Mbps supported upto 2 simultaneous sessions, a product generally preferred by smaller families. This was not the case with their earlier Broadband service.

That they got much more GBs at top speed for the same spend or many more GBs for a marginal increase in the monthly budget with Tikona compared to what they got from their earlier provider.

Indeed we see all of above manifesting into exponential traffic growth on our network which has been fortified now with 10X capacity than what we had 3 years ago. We would want to take the internet experience to newer levels and keep improving our services in respect of capacity, uptime, responsiveness and cost all the time.

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