Tikona Internet: An Internet package for everyone

Founded in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai, Tikona Digital Networks is one of the top Internet Service Providers in India. Tikona has also acquired the rare All-India Class-A ISP license from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.  A combination of affordable and fast internet plans along with great customer care and after sales service has led this company to more than 2.75 Lac customers including 6000 SMEs. Many consumers too have praised Tikona’s services. Writing a review about his experiences, Mr. Shetty – a Tikona user, complimenting the company on their service said, “Tikona has a 24*7 helpline, I have been addressed on two occasions, the issue was resolved in half an hour to my satisfaction.”

Having satisfied customers has been one of the hallmarks of the company. One of the main reasons for this is the plethora of Internet Plans that the company offers. Think about it, not everyone uses the internet in the same way. Because of its nature, the internet is a platform that allows for so many different things, it’s hard to even list them all. What this ultimately results is in are usage patterns that vary considerably. From those seeking fast speeds and incredible download bandwidths, to those who use it sparingly, this is one of those areas where ‘One size fits all’ is simply not an acceptable solution. Understanding this, Tikona has come up with a variety of plans that cater to different users who have needs that vary.


Tikona Internet Plans

Tikona offers affordable and speedy internet plans; the installation process is prompt which includes minimal fees. The packages range from Heavy usage to Light Usage. Following are the offer packages –

  • Light Usage – Offers 5-10 GB of usage and 1-4 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees.
  • Medium Usage – Offers 20-30 GB of usage and 2-4 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees.
  • Heavy Usage – Offers 50-80 GB of usage and 2-4 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees.
  • SOHO Plan – This plan caters to the folks who have a small business or an office within their homes; those that seek fast unbeatable speeds during business hours.
  • Flexi Usage – These are long term plans, ranging from six to thirty months and long term, reliable solutions for users looking for a stable and high quality internet plan.
  • Recharge Vouchers – In addition to these plans, if you do ever utilize your entire bandwidth, you can avail of a recharge pack.


What’s really great to see is that Tikona has created a ‘Plan Selector’ on its website that allows users to select certain things such as bandwidth usage, and gives them the plan best suited for them.

One can also check the speed of your connection by using Tikona Speed test. The installation process is prompt and you can immediately start to enjoy your new internet experience.

How Tikona is contributing to the E-Learning Wave in India

Gone are the days when education was confined to the boundaries of your classroom. The surge in Internet and smartphone penetration has led to new start-ups expanding the online learning space in India. E-learning market has real potential and the nation is estimated to grow up to $3 billion.

E-Learning Wave in India
E-Learning Wave in India

The market for online training in India is currently focused on school, colleges and mid-level professional courses. An e-learning company called ‘Entranceindia’ facilitates practice question papers for a variety of tests, which helps the students in preparing for their exams. A study has mentioned that China and India will spearhead the project management roles generating about 8.1 and 4 million roles respectively.

Another reason why e-learning is going to take center stage in the future is re-skilling. About a decade ago, a software engineer only needed to know about programming languages, but now there are other aspects like cloud computing, data analytics etc. Every new course undertaken results in pay hike and the boost the value of any employee in the company. Learn social is a six month old company based in Hyderabad and has nearly 2,00,000 registered users, it has trained more than 1,100 learners and aspires to be the Amazon of online learning.

Telecom Tower in India
Telecom Tower in India

All of this is great, with the exception of one thing. All of these online media use massive amount of data and need fast broadband connectivity. People across the country have always been clamoring for an ISP that delivers high performance, high speed and offers a plethora of plans. This is where Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Network has gotten rave reviews. Take the example of a Tikona customer who in his review highlighted how his zeal for education is being given a lease of life by a phenomenal internet connection.

As his family’s sole breadwinner, a young man was forced to forego his aspirations of higher education. Today he is enrolled in an MBA program at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). One of the best parts about this program is that the entire content is available on IGNOU’s website. A prime concern was subscribing to a broadband operator that could provide comprehensive service. This led to Tikona. After reading many reviews of Tikona, he decided to go for a plan that offered 80GB worth of data usage for 1000 rupees. Because of such plans, could a person from rural India with dreams finally turn them into reality.