4G: The Next Big Wave in Internet Connectivity

Conventionally, wired Internet connections have always offered better speeds while wireless services were more versatile and offered more convenience. As service providers like Tikona start offering 4G services, even those using wireless technology to surf the Internet can enjoy high speeds and improved reliability along with the convenience and flexibility of wireless surfing.

While 2G services shared the spectrum used to transfer voice data, 3G services allowed users to enjoy relatively faster Internet access even when using the phone. 4G services takes this a step further and offers download and upload speeds that are at least five times faster than 3G solutions.

Comparing 4G with 3G

In real life, an individual using 4G services in the real world can download files at around 10 to 20 Mbps with speeds reaching 40 Mbps under ideal conditions. This means you can download videos, images, and other files and enjoy a smoother and more reliable surfing experience even when you are on the move. The benefits of 4G services include:

  1. High-speed Internet access in your pocket with a 4G-enabled smart phone.
  2. Faster downloads, better quality video calls, and better value for money
  3. Better availability of services without any service disruptions or network issues
  4. Easier sharing of 4G speeds with multiple devices through wireless routers and dongles

Emphasis on Rural and Urban Markets

Internet and Mobile Association of India’s 2014 report states that Internet services are growing faster in rural India as compared to urban centers. This is why service providers like Tikona are investing in expensive 4G spectrum and the latest equipment and technologies to provide improved quality services for residents of cities as well as rural areas.

Offering high-speed Internet services to more than 225,000 homes in 25 Indian cities, Tikona’s 4G services will make it easier for Indians to access communication, commerce, either one ends, healthcare, and job opportunities on the Internet.

With a reputation of relying on innovative and creative strategies to facilitate better and more reliable access to Internet, Tikona is in a position to offer 4G services to 28% of the country’s population spread over five telecom circles. Apart from obvious benefits like higher speeds, Tikona users will enjoy additional benefits from features like Try before you buy and flexible and innovative Fair Usage Policies.

One thought on “4G: The Next Big Wave in Internet Connectivity

  1. Good article, 4G is surely the future. I personally can’t wait for ISP, including Tikona to come out with these services. Will surely be a boom to us consumers!


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