A Users Perspective on Tikona Broadband

Tikona offers high-speed internet plans with maximum downloading speed and data. These internet plans vary in price according to the usage needs and the budget. You can compare any internet service provider’s tariff plans and Tikona is sure to impress you.

The internet has grown to be an important part of most people’s life; especially after the advent of smartphones. The way and usage patterns of people are different and hence, the mediums through which they access it differ considerably. However, Tikona’s services are consistent, irrespective of whether you are using it at home or at the office. They offer high-speed internet for all your needs.

Set up

Tikona setup involves both wireless and wired components. The signal is transmitted to a wireless router at your rooftop which then is connected via Ethernet to your devices. Before planning to opt for any plan, you can always ask for a demo.

Components provided by Tikona

  • You will get the rooftop router from Tikona which is installed at a location free from any kind of obstruction and under some kind of shelter to prevent damage from winds and rains. However, as a user it is always a good thing to personally check if the router is installed at an appropriate place
  • The Ethernet cable is free and it covers the distance between the router and your home
  • An outdoor(rooftop) CPE connects to our access point wirelessly, a CAT5 cable is drawn from the CPE which connects to your Ethernet port of your laptop, PC or router using an RJ45 connector. This can be connected directly to the Ethernet port.


Tikona offers consistent services with minimum outages. Their customer care executives are experts in troubleshooting and are available whenever you need them. But you do not need to call them every time if your internet connection does not work properly. You might need to restart the router in some such cases. Try doing the following before calling customer care when your internet stops working:

  • Switch off the router
  • First reattach the power cable and then the POE and LAN cable after 5 seconds.
  • Attach the LAN cable to the device (phone, laptop, tablet etc.) after another 5 seconds

The above steps work most of the time and you will not need to call customer care.

Tikona is a reliable internet service provider which offers you standard equipment and customer care services. Their speed is impressive and worth more than what they charge.

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Cashless Transactions Gain Momentum

The availability and convenience of safer online systems have given a boost to online financial transactions.  According to data from the RBI, the amount of paper-based transactions of INR 85 lakh crore was surpassed by a higher amount of INR 92 lakh crore of electronic transactions in the fiscal year 2015, clearly indicating the growth of such services in the payment method.

The amount mentioned above is just figures that involved only retail customer transactions. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) is one of the other types of online transfers in the larger picture that are electronically settled. There are many factors that are acting as a catalyst for this change in payment trends. Some of them include discounts on online shopping portal and the limit on the number of cheques provided by the bank.

Online transactions using computers and mobile phones have become the popular choice due to the convenience they offer. You can shop and pay bills in a matter of minutes without wasting time in long queues. Tikona broadband services offer you quality internet services with impressive speed. Paying for their services is just a click away as they offer online bill payment facilities. You can enjoy high-speed broadband services and pay for them in the comfort of your homes, offices or wherever you are.

The figures indicated above will increase even more as the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) plans to invest Rs. 35,000 crore to connect more than two lakh villages to help enable online transactions. According to SBI, over 60% of their daily transaction happens through paperless method over the internet, mobile and ATMs. Sunil Srivastava, deputy managing director (corporate strategy and new businesses), says that with better connectivity, a majority of the financial transaction will become paperless in the future, but not entirely, as the fraction of population that has access to smartphones will be limited. SBI has seen the increase in debit card application and the amount of money being transferred online to e-commerce portals. The newest payment trend on the block is the mobile wallet transaction with about 10 million users adopting this method of payment.

In fact, at Tikona, we have seen many of our consumers paying their internet charges and package renewal/upgrade fees through online transactions. The internet has revolutionized payments and the number of people utilizing the internet for financial activities has grown to an incredible number. All one needs is access to an internet connection.