Mushrooming Broadband Market in India

India is embracing technological innovation. The country is moving towards digitization at an incredible pace. Additionally, the process has seen considerable interest on account of the ‘Digital India’ initiative. This digital approach has led to the growth of the broadband market in the country.

Broadband and TV

The TV channel broadcasters are aligning their activities with broadband. Major multi-system operators (MSOs) in the country are focusing on broadband services. Besides, many cooperatives are also offering broadband services. The high demand of broadband has led to this popularity among the service providers.

There is an ongoing war between satellite and cable TV broadcasters. Both compete with each other to reach out to maximum customers. Cable TV providers have an edge over satellite broadcasters as they also offer two-way services. The two-way service makes the TV interactive, enhances gaming features and offers a superior TV watching experience. To survive the stiff competition, cable TV operators are making maximum use of broadband.

Broadband is beneficial for not just cable operators but for the viewers as well. Their bills may be reduced when they receive multiple services from a single company.

Future of broadband

The broadband industry in the country is still in its initial stage. India is a huge market and it will take some time to completely convert analogue to digital. High-speed internet at lower prices will drive the growth of broadband services. Another factor that will promote broadband is cable operators offering interactive services. Due to the aggressive competition, others will also be forced to do so.

The competitive market will compel operators to provide higher speed at same prices. At present, a large number of homes are digitized. The developing factors will make India a huge broadband market by 2017 or 2018. The two-three years time will help broadband companies to provide efficient quality services.

Tikona Digital Networks will also play a major role in the developing broadband market in India. Tikona broadband service reaches 2.5 lakh houses and offices and is known for its fast speed and low rates.

Why Choose Tikona’s Broadband Services

A high-speed Internet connection has become an essential requirement for enjoying a functional professional life and a normal personal routine. This is why it is important to look beyond conventional wired broadband Internet solutions and consider innovative wireless broadband Internet services. Read ahead for an overview of some benefits of opting for Tikona’s broadband services.

Convert Your Home into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Tikona last mile delivery is wireless, up to the roof of the customer. A wire is drawn from the CPE on the roof which receives the signal wirelessly. The broadband is delivered to the customer’s premises using RJ45 cable which is same as most broadband players. The RJ 45 cable can then be plugged into a wireless router to access the network wireless if the customer wishes to do so.

One significant benefit of choosing Tikona’s broadband services is that the way in which the whole setup is organized is significantly different. Consider your conventional broadband services – they have cables which in urban landscapes, are usually laid over rooftops and from there, down to your house. Instead of having a cable drop down to your house, what Tikona offers is pretty unique. A device installed on your rooftop or terrace relays the broadband signal to a router in your home. This enables you to move your computer or router around without the need to drill holes for new cables, extensions, etc. Additionally, you can convert your entire house into a big wireless hotspot without any difficulty. Installation of a single wireless router will help you enjoy high-speed Internet access across many devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Easy and Reliable Connectivity

Nothing can be more frustrating than slow or unreliable connectivity when surfing the Internet on your smartphone or mobile device. Tikona is reputed for offering reliable connectivity and high-speed Internet services in a consistent manner. Downloading files, watching videos, making video calls, or playing games online will be a hassle-free affair with Tikona’s services.

Zero Clutter in Your Home

Wired connections lead to a lot of clutter on your computer table. As part of an added service, Tikona lets you enjoy web access through the installation of a wireless router at a discreet location in your house. This ensures your home does not resemble a data center just because you want high-speed wireless Internet in all the rooms.

Easy on the Wallet

While there is no doubt that Internet is a very useful feature, you cannot afford to spend a lot of money for web access, can you? This is where the affordable Fair Usage Policy (FUP) services provided by Tikona make it the preferred choice of all smart customers. FUP is the amount of GBs the subscriber gets to use on primary speeds post which the speeds are throttled to a lower secondary speed for the remainder of the bill cycle. Tikona has the largest FUP limits at a given price point as compared to its competitors.

Experience the Future

Finally, Tikona helps you move beyond 3G Internet by offering 4G services at an affordable price. Enjoy better value for your money through the improved reliability and speed of 4G wireless Internet. Significantly faster than conventional wired broadband or wireless 3G solutions, Tikona helps you utilize the latest technology for a great online experience.

With so many benefits at an affordable price, you should definitely consider Tikona when comparing ISPs for your home or office. Its strong online presence and customer-friendly support staff will help you place the order and finalize the installation without any hassles or delays.