Broadband Companies to Benefit from Digital India

The digital revolution is touching all parts of the globe. We are witnessing digital transformation in different sections of the society. This transformation is majorly impacting industries and societies in India, too.

Digital India

The government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative is giving a greater push to the digital revolution. The program opens up a million opportunities for development in the Information Technology (IT) sector and businesses will need to adopt digitization to survive the ever growing competition in this arena.  Through Digital India program, the government aims to bridge the gap between citizens and the government. The government wants to improve its service through the use of technology. It has facilitated money transfers and mobile banking through Jan Dhan Yojana. It also offers subsidies with the support of technology.

The Internet in varied sectors

The penetration of the internet in Indian companies had been low. But the past few months are showing a different trend. Organizations from varied sectors are embracing broadband services.

For companies offering broadband services, Digital India brings in a lot of scope of business. There is development needed to establish internet infrastructure, provide real-time solutions, set up the payment systems, etc. With the facilities, companies also need to develop and strengthen cyber security. With online banking and transactions on the rise, the risk of fraudulent activities and data loss increases. Having a secured network will thus be essential.

In the healthcare sector, there is considerable potential for technology, especially in areas like telemedicine and remote health. The ‘Smart Cities’ project under Digital India is another big area of opportunity. Setting up the framework, offering online services to government departments, and providing various services to citizens are the important sections of the program.

Once the companies embark upon these steps, there are newer technologies waiting for them. Upcoming technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. will create a huge platform to prepare the country for such trends.

Make in India

Associated with the Digital India initiative is the ‘Make in India’ program. The government is stressing upon devices being manufactured locally. This will help digitization realize a brighter future. Some of the initial results of the program have been positive. The electronics manufacturing giant, Foxconn has announced an investment of USD 5 billion in Maharashtra. Besides, Redmi is also setting up its new plant in Andhra Pradesh. These steps will decrease the overall costs of devices and thus boost the consumption of the internet and internet-based services.

The government will have to ease policies to make its ambitious project successful. It will have to build a friendly environment for companies. With a little support, the broadband companies, which are bombarded with opportunities, will take the Digital India program to a greater height.

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