Configure your Tikona Router in Easy Steps

Getting a personal router installed becomes easy when you sign up with Tikona. I bought a Tikona router and installed it myself. The process is hassle-free, but in-case you struggle with new technology, like my mum, this guide could help with the installation.

Depending on the model of your router, the method of installation may differ slightly.

Here are the steps to configure your router:

  • Use a Local Area Network (LAN) cable to connect your computer or laptop with the Wi-Fi router.
  • On your device, visit the log-in page of the router. Sign up here, by entering a username and password. You will also get the details of the page on the user manual, received along with the router.
  • Go to the wireless settings and configure it as required. First choose a network or Service Set Identifier (SSID) It is mandatory for wireless devices to have a name for each wireless network. The name of the network should be without spaces or special characters.
  • After entering a name, enable wireless SSID
  • Now select the region as Asia or India, depending on the available option.
  • Keep the channel on Auto mode. If there is no option for Auto mode, then pick any channel.
  • In the mode option, choose mixed, or both b and g mode.
  • To secure your network, choose Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key (WPA2 PSK) in the security option. Keep a strong passphrase key to enhance the security of your network. Preferably, it should not be less than 8 characters and have both alphabets and numbers in it.
  • For Internet/Wireless Access Network (WAN) settings, you will have to pick any one of the options. The options are Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP), Automatic Configuration-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Get Dynamically from Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Select the correct LAN settings. This will give the IP settings determined for your device. Select DHCP.
  • After selecting all the correct options in the settings, save the changes. You may now disconnect the cable.
  • Now restart your router. You will be able to see SSID which you broadcasted, on your device Wi-Fi utility. When you click on SSID, it will ask you to enter your key. Enter the same key that you have set for your router. Your device is now connected to the router.
  • In your browser, open the Tikona log-in page. Enter your user details. You may now use the high-speed service. Conduct a Tikona speed test to identify the actual speed.

Additionally, Tikona provides special Home Wi-Fi service. This secured network follows the directives of Department of Telecom on wireless home security. The router offers a highly secured network and has simple plug-n-play functionality.

As a happy customer, I hope that my Tikona review and configuration guide helps you too and I hope that you will be just as delighted with the service.

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