Choose Tikona as Your Internet Service Provider

Over the past two decades my family has used several internet service providers, often to great disappointment. During that time, we have also shifted residence, adding to the number of ISPs that we have experimented with. This probably puts me in a good position to offer some advice. We have used Tikona’s service in both locations, in Mumbai, as well as in Thane. We can say that we are now settled with a regular service provider, as the Tikona connection has been going strong for around 2 years.


Tikona gave us a wireless router and installed it at the rooftop. The router received signals from the company’s tower. An Ethernet cable connected the router to our home PC and TIkona provided both the router and cable. The installation got off to a good start, as they did not charge us for extra wiring, despite the fact that our layout required a greater length of cable.

The router was installed by the technician on the rooftop. He seemed quite knowledgeable and helpful, also ensuring that the router was position in the best sheltered location for protection from harsh winds and heavy rains.

The Ethernet cable connected the router to a small power box and then to the Power over Ethernet (POE) socket. A separate Local Area Network (LAN) socket is connected to our PC with a LAN cable.


While using the internet, we found the speed excellent. Surfing over the web and streaming videos became seamless. With Tikona, even my parents started watching videos online, which they did not have the patience to do before because of long buffer time.

So far, I have also been completely satisfied, if not impressed with the quality of customer care. The engineers of the company are a bank of knowledge. They assist in quickly resolving any issue.

We have noticed that the service and network from the company have improved over time. Now, two years later, it is much better than it was during the initial times. The enhanced services offer smooth connectivity.

About Tikona

If you are interested in Tikona, then here are some details regarding the company and its plans.

Tikona has been offering high-speed internet services to homes and small offices since 2008. It serves over 2.75 lakh customers across 25 cities of the country.  It has a pan-India Class-A license issued by the Ministry of Communications of the Central Government. It has bagged Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 4G spectrum in 5 circles of the country.

Tikona offers 15 GB of data with a speed of 4 Mbps at INR 650 per month. Another plan offers speeds as high as 10 Mbps, with 20 GB data at INR 799. For using 50 GB data at 4 Mbps, you will have to pay INR 950. There are many more plans available with Tikona, so browse through their site and choose one that best suits your needs.

One thought on “Choose Tikona as Your Internet Service Provider

  1. From last few months I am using Tikona broadband, hardly there is any problem with the internet otherwise most of the time it works really great and they have various plans at very affordable rates with great speed and it takes very less time for installation of internet connection currently i am using 1 Mbps plan and my overall experience with Tikona is very good the speed they provide is impressive..


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