4G to Boost Online Content Demand

A report from Deloitte states that the increased pace of the roll-out of 4G services in India will rapidly raise the demand for online content among consumers in coming years.

Statements of the Report

The report states that 4G will transform the television viewing experience for consumers. It will shift control from broadcasters to consumers. In addition to these, cheap smart phones and cheap internet plans will boost internet usage in the country within a few years.

According to the report, 4G connections will encourage high-quality content services. The digital platform will allow rural India to be a part of the progress. At present, 35% of internet users in India belong to rural areas. This participation is expected to increase with the rise in audio and video-on-demand services.

4G will offer better bandwidth to the consumers and boost the digital platform in the country.

Internet in India

Today, India is the third highest country in terms of number of internet subscribers. In June 2015, the total number of internet users in the country was 319.42 million.

As per Internet and Mobile Association in India (IMAI), India will have more than 500 million internet users by 2018, and out of these, 210 million will be from rural regions.

In coming years, over-the-top (OTT) will be the new way of watching TV. A large population will depend on on-demand services for watching movies and other TV content. OTT makes it possible for users to stream programs through the internet, without the need to subscribe to a satellite or cable service. It will be a huge success among subscribers and service providers.

A report from Media Partner Asia (MPA) states that in 2014, 12 million people in India were subscribed to OTT video. This will rise to 105 million by 2020. Regional content will also be in demand. This is because 78% of Indians prefer watching programs in their respective regional languages.

4G will revolutionize the online experience in India. Tikona Digital Networks is gearing up to launch its much-awaited 4G service. Tikona 4G offers a seamless high-speed network. It will enhance the popularity of on-demand content with its efficient service.

About Tikona

Tikona was founded in mid-2008. It holds Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 4G spectrum in 5 important regions of India. It offers secured wireless broadband services in 25 cities of the country. Tikona’s vision is of a broadband-enabled India. To make this a reality, it provides high-speed internet services at affordable rates. Many happy customers have shared their experiences with the company in the Tikona review section.

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