Get Tikona 4G to Enjoy Netflix

Netflix is a high-quality video-on-demand service that is very popular overseas. Many enthusiasts are excited about the entry of Netflix in India, as a number of critically acclaimed series are available exclusively on their network.

Requirements of Netflix

Movies, TV series, and documentaries are extremely popular with millions of Indians, so Netflix is likely to be a big hit among them. However, Netflix requires excellent broadband speeds. The videos on Netflix should be seen in High-Definition (HD) and Ultra High-Definition (UHD) screens. The functionalities of Netflix require high-speed broadband.

Netflix’s standards say that a user requires a minimum of 5 Mbps speed to enjoy the HD quality videos, while the UHD quality content requires 25 Mbps speed.

Internet Speed in India

The average internet speed in India is 1.7 Mbps. India defines broadband as an internet service with a minimum speed of 512 kbps. In other countries, the minimum broadband speed is much higher. In urban regions of China, it is 20 Mbps. In the United Kingdom (UK), it is more than 10 Mbps while in the United States (US), it is 25 Mbps.

As per reports of Akamai, evaluated in the third quarter of 2015 for state of the internet, India ranks at 98 out of the 99 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Just 14% of Indians have an internet connection with 4 Mbps speed and only 2.3% have a speed of 10 Mbps. Only 1 in 800 internet users have access to internet speeds of 15 Mbps or more.

This indicates that the condition of internet speed in India is very poor and this is the main impediment to the success of video content providers like Netflix.

Tikona’s 4G Service

For Netflix to be successful, homes in India should have better connectivity. Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks has been working hard to make this possible.

Tikona broadband aims to offer high-speed internet with its 4G service. Initially, it will provide the service in 30 cities. The company aims to roll out the 4G service by June 2016. Pilot projects indicated that Tikona’s 4G offers 5 to 10 times higher speeds than the current 3G products of other companies. Their 6 Mbps connection offering is also quite popular, as is evident from the Tikona review section.

Tikona holds the 4G spectrum in 5 key circles of India. It aims to cover all the towns, cities, and villages in the circles with its 4G service. The Tikona 4G plan in Varanasi offers 6 Mbps speed at just INR 750 per month. Tikona broadband reviews from users in the area have been highly encouraging.

The plans and strategy of Tikona 4G revive the hope of Netflix’s success in India. It is clear that Tikona 4G will be the most suitable choice for any user, really wishing to explore and enjoy Netflix services in India.

E-commerce, the Future of Shopping in India

E-commerce has become very popular in India, in recent years. Despite initial scepticism, Indian internet users are increasingly drawn towards the concept of online shopping. They get to browse through thousands of products from the comfort of their homes. In addition to the unlimited options, offers and sales in the e-commerce industry attract even more people.

Future of E-Commerce

E-commerce has a bright future in India. According to a report, the e-commerce industry will be worth USD 38 billion this year, which is 67% higher than USD 23 billion of 2015. The revenues of e-commerce will be 5 – 7 times higher in coming times.

Mobile users will make a major contribution. 70% of the total revenue of an online shopping company will come from M-commerce. India has a huge mobile phone market. It holds the second highest position with its 930 million customers.

Statistics of 2015

In 2015, consumers did the highest shopping in the apparel category. The second highest was in electronics, followed by baby care products, beauty and personal care products, and home furnishing. In 2016, it is expected that online grocery shopping will be one of the most popular verticals.

Surprisingly, e-commerce platforms have a gender base that includes 65% of male customers and 35% female. According to 2015 reports, people aged between 26 and 35 years contribute the highest of 52% in their customer base. 18% customers are aged between 18 and 25 years, 8% are aged between 36 and 45 years, while the remaining 2% are aged between 45 and 60 years.

E-commerce websites lure customers with their big online sales. Last year, India recorded the highest sales in its e-commerce industry. Major online marketers are making huge investments to boost their businesses.

Need of the Internet

E-commerce has made shopping more fun, as it eliminates the inconvenience and hassle of having to travel. However, a seamless network is extremely important to enjoy the online shopping experience.

Companies that use e-commerce platforms require a high-speed and reliable connection. To be up-to-date with the latest innovations in the e-commerce industry, an efficient connection is vital. The growth of the e-commerce sector due to increasing demand also highlights the need for faster technology.

For a buyer, bandwidth is the most important element for a good shopping experience. A smooth connection ensures transactions without any glitch. The session doesn’t expire and the customer can check out faster after completing the payment swiftly. With better speed, users can browse through a wider range of products in less time.

Tikona’s Internet

The search for good internet service will end with Tikona broadband. Their high-speed network will allow you to immerse yourself in and enjoy all of the benefits of the e-commerce platform. Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks offers its service in 25 cities of India. It is known for providing secured wireless broadband connections.

Tikona has made a consolidated presentation on the topic of the internet and e-commerce. Take a look at the presentation here