Valuable Tikona Review for 4 Mbps Broadband Plan & Tikona Speed Test

As an IT project manager who works & resides in Vashi, I need high speed internet pretty much all day long. After long hours at the office, I like to come home and watch YouTube videos to unwind and entertain. Over the weekends, I catch up on my favorite TV shows and binge watch movies. So that’s the extent of my internet usage at home. While at office there’s a pretty fast broadband connection, when I’m occasionally working from home, thanks to slow internet connection I have a hard time getting anything work done.

The slow internet at my house is very frustrating as it can be pretty annoying when you’ve come home from a long day at work & all you want to do is catch the latest Game of Thrones episode but thanks to a slow internet connection, the episode keeps buffering endlessly. Finally I decided to put my foot down and look for a new internet service provider and I began talking to my friends & asking around in my neighborhood about some local service providers. That’s when a friend of mine recommended Tikona Broadband, a Mumbai-based internet service provider that has some good broadband plans on offer at good rates.

On an average, I consume about 30 GB every month. In addition to my entertainment needs, I also exchange several emails on my laptop a lot and I need an internet connection that is fast. As per my needs, I selected the Tikona 4 Mbps Plan after browsing through the various plans they have on offer. The 4 mbps plan costs a little more than 2000 for 3 months & I decided to give it a shot.

When I got in touch with them, I learnt that several residents of my building already subscribe to them & the infrastructure is already set up. The installation was relatively hassle free as the infrastructure was already in place & within a day, my new internet connection was up & running.

A rooftop router and an internal router was installed within a day and my connection was up and running in no time. The rooftop router is placed on the terrace and a cable is connected from it to the one at my house. A Wi-fi router is also provided which lets me make my house a wireless internet space as well as get a direct connection for my laptop. Up to 8 devices can be connected so the wireless internet can be connected to a phone, a tablet or any device that requires an internet connection. Overall, after using for about a month, I had no complaints.

Being familiar with IT since I am from a computer science background, I am aware of the free tools available online for speed tests. Hence, on regular basis I use to monitor the speed and perform speed test. I have recorded a video for one of the speed test that I had performed which I would like to share with all. I was happy to get the speed that I was paying for.

With 4 mbps download speed & with 30 GB download limit, even if I watch videos a lot or stream TV shows like I usually do, there is no lag or buffering. The playback is seamless and doesn’t hang like it used to with my erstwhile connection.

Having used their services for the last 5 months, I would like to share my honest Tikona Broadband Review. I am quite happy with their services and would like to continue with them. I am satisfied with the internet speed I am getting and also with their customer support. Below you can view my overall ratings for my Tikona review.

Installation Services: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Connectivity: 7/10
Customer Service: 6/10
Equipment: 7/10 (Ingenious)
Overall Rating: 7/10
Would I Recommend Tikona? YES.

4 thoughts on “Valuable Tikona Review for 4 Mbps Broadband Plan & Tikona Speed Test

  1. Even I am an IT professional and I can understand how important it is to have an internet connection with good speed. There are very rare internet service providers who offer good speed at a reasonable price. But from your review, i can understand that Tikona really offers good speed. I will surely consider Tikona if anytime I planning to change my internet connection. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  2. Thanks, for sharing your experience. I was looking for some reviews on Tikona broadband and came across your blog. Really liked reading your blog.


  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you please suggest me the best Tikona plan? My internet usage is high and i need good speed as well. Thank you


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