Get a Delightful Experience with Tikona 4G

Internet service in India has come a long way since its early days. From the initial 52 kbps dial-up modem to 2G, 3G, and 4G, the internet has become faster and better.

Internet Experience

I remember the initial excitement of using the internet, which didn’t seem slow at that time. This was soon followed with the excitement of being able to access internet services on mobile phones. Soon after, broadband services arrived in the country and 3G was also introduced, promising even faster speeds. 3G services brought better speeds, but most of us have always experienced intermittent network problems. I have often been plagued by this problem, being forced to use 2G speeds instead, in many areas.

The emergence of 4G is something that I find really exciting, as this finally promises to give us world-class service. Telecom companies have already begun offering high-speed internet services with 4G. Downloading content, streaming movies, and surfing the internet has become smoother.

I opted for the 4G service on my phone from a popular telecom operator. After few weeks, I found glitches in the network. As in the case of 3G, the network often got pushed to slower speeds. The experience for me has not been very positive. Increasingly frustrated with network issues, I am now on the lookout for a new service provider.

Tikona’s 4G

I have high expectations from Tikona 4G. The company will be rolling out its 4G services this year, and I am eagerly awaiting the launch. Although I have experienced several disappointments in the past with other ISPs, my home broadband experience with Tikona has always been great. As a long-time customer, I can say that their service to date has been exemplary and I am now pinning all my hopes on their 4G services.

The company will offer blanket coverage in 30 cities within its five circles. It will thus ensure that there are no network fluctuations. Tikona reviews from subscribers so far have already been very positive. The company is striving to provide a delightful experience to customers with its high-speed 4G service and most of those glowing reviews have been from the lucky users who have already experience the service through Tikona’s pilot project in Varanasi. This test project saw the provider giving users speeds of up to 6 Mbps. Home and office users in the city have already been sharing there experiences in Tikona 4G reviews.

The cost factor makes it more appealing, as you can avail of Tikona’s 4G services starting from INR 750. Playing online games, watching High-Definition (HD) movies, downloading videos, streaming music, and other activities on the web will be much simpler.

The company serves 2.75 lakh happy customers across 25 cities of the country. Many customers like me have shared similar experiences in Tikona broadband reviews. Known for its high-speed service, cheap rates, and efficient customer service, I am hopeful that their 4G service will arrive in my area soon.