Tikona to Launch its 4G Services in 2016

High-speed internet has touched the lives of several users. The latest fad entering the Indian telecom market is the Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

Tikona’s 4G Service

In keeping with these trends, Tikona Digital Networks, one of the leading wireless broadband internet service providers has planned to roll out its 4G services in the following year. The company has decided to cover 30 cities across its five circles by June 2016.

The Mumbai-based company is already conducting a commercial pilot project in Varanasi. It plans to offer complete coverage in areas where it is setting up its network. The company is building high-speed internet services for home as well as office users.

Tikona’s Chief Marketing Officer, Heramb Ranade, stated that the company has rolled out a 10 Mbps product. This product offers speeds that are five to ten times more than the products currently available in the market, which are based on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or Third Generation (3G).

Ranade revealed that the company will offer high-speed data connectivity to users at just 20% of current 3G service prices. Through such endeavors, the company aims to provide a superior user experience and greater satisfaction to consumers. Multi-device users will be highly benefitted. Besides, Tikona will maintain the pricing advantage to attract more and more customers.

Tikona’s Preparations for 4G

Initiated in 2008, Tikona serves 25 cities and 2.75 lakh customers across the country. This includes 10,000 small businesses. The company is known to have established some of the biggest networks in the country for businesses, mobile, Direct-to-Home (DTH), and broadband services.

Tikona had bought 20 MHz of a 4G spectrum in five important regions in the 2010 spectrum sale. The five regions are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (East), Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh (West). The spectrum cost the company around INR 1,058 crore.

Ranade feels that these regions are relatively unexplored, as they only had Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) operating there. He stressed that Tikona is the only viable alternative for users, as its product is better and it provides enhanced data usage at affordable rates.

Tikona is investing a huge chunk for establishing the network, securing customer premise equipment, and for operational costs. It has partnered with Chinese company, Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) Corporation for end-to-end deployment of Time Division (TD) LTE equipment in all of its regions. As per the agreement between the two companies, ZTE will supply TD-LTE switching and radio equipment, in the regions where Tikona holds the 4G license. This will help the internet service provider to establish its high-speed broadband network.

Wireless Broadband: The Ideal Internet Service

Broadband has revolutionized business and transformed life in India. Broadband services may be delivered via access networks such as Cable Internet, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), or Wireless. Of all these methods, wireless broadband is rapidly emerging as the most popular among the users.

Growth of Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband service was first introduced to customers with 3G technology. It provided users with bandwidth speeds of nearly 10 Mbps. After this, 4G with WiMax technology entered the market, offering speeds of over 30 Mbps. The latest technology being adopted by many developed and developing countries is Long Term Evolution (LTE). It is said to be a game changer as it provides speeds up to 100Mbps.

Wireless broadband comes in two types. Fixed wireless is mainly found in companies, while mobile wireless is primarily employed for personal use. Over the past few years, wireless broadband internet has been the fastest growing segment in the telecom sector. The number of subscribers in developing countries in 2011 was 472 million, a figure that has risen to 1.16 billion in 2015. It is estimated that worldwide wireless broadband connections will reach 6.5 billion in the next three years.

Benefits of Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is better than other traditional services. It has a wider reach and may be easily accessed by users. Unlike other methods, companies do not have to invest much to roll out wireless broadband internet services.

For customers too, the service is beneficial. Wireless broadband offers varied customized tariff options. Data roaming features improve accessibility of the service to consumers. Companies also get many suitable options for their workplace. One huge advantage of wireless networks over traditional wired networks is the obvious absence of wires. This eliminates unnecessary clutter, makes it easier to keep your office space neat and clean, while the inherent maintenance problems associated with physical wires are eliminated instantly.

Tikona Digital Networks

Tikona Digital Networks is one of the leading companies in the wireless broadband sector. Tikona is striving to offer world-class wireless broadband services to both home as well as office users. It serves 2.75 lakh customers across 25 cities in the country. The company is also building a framework so that global internet service providers may deliver best services to their customers.

Tikona offers high-speed connections at affordable rates. For instance, a user can enjoy a 4 Mbps data connection at just INR 600 per month. Users on this plan can use up to 15 GB of data, with the data limit being doubled upon payment of just INR 150 more.

The growth in internet usage will only boost wireless broadband services. New applications, cloud services, interactive sessions, and social media, among other technological innovations that are dependent on high speed internet will continue to expand the scope of wireless broadband. Tikona’s wireless broadband services are quickly emerging as some of the most competitive, with attractive offers, seamless service and high-speed connections drawing more users.

The Broadband Market and its impact on India’s Telecom Sector

Telecommunications is undoubtedly one of the most booming sectors in the Indian economy. In today’s age, the term telecommunications covers broadcasting, wireless internet, internet, fixed telephony, data centers and next generation networks (NGN). Its liberalization and privatization have hugely attracted the foreign players and offshore counterparts to join the bandwagon and opt for technology investments. Also, it is worthy to know that the Indian telecommunications sector is the second largest wireless network in the world after China. If we delve further into the statistics part of it, according to the Department of Telecommunications Annual Report in the September 2014, Indian telecom network has more than 957.61 million connections, which is a mind-numbing number.

Prospects of Broadband Services

The Indian telecom industry can be divided into basic, cellular and internet services. Although broadband services are the backbone of a steady business economy, it is the use of mobile data that has revolutionized the sector and the industry alike. The population is large and the broadband services seem to be the only possible and logical way to cover the length and breadth of the country. The overall tele-density in India stands at 76.75% and rural tele-density at 44.96%. The growth opportunities are significant, rather say tremendous, especially because 3Gand BWA are yet to make their significance presence felt.

Emergence of Foreign Investments

Tikona, a leading player in the market has collaborated with a foreign giant in taking strong strides towards establishing itself as the leader of broadband service providers. Investing in Indian technological companies has always been on cards with the international business houses and this time, the market and its opportunities are wide open. Also, a large number of corporates are also setting up their research and development centers in India.

It has been projected that the broadband use base will reach 100 million-mark this year, according to a research conducted by CRISIL. The broadband internet providers attracting investments is no longer a debatable topic.

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Tikona Share the Abundance Form

Tikona Networks: Affordable and speedy Internet Plans

Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) is an Indian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Company that was founded in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai. Tikona has been granted with the All-India Class-A ISP license from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

The founder, Prakash Bajpai was the President and CEO of Reliance Communications prior to Tikona. He is a veteran in the industry and has a wealth of experience. Tikona was founded to cater to the growing demands of fast and reliable internet for a tech hungry India. Recognizing the demands, Prakash crafted internet plans that were fast and affordable. In addition, he added one of the best customer care and after sales services to these, making Tikona one of the top three Internet providers in India in a short span.

Tikona Internet plans
For a subscriber who is new to Tikona services, applying for an installation is an easy process. Firstly, he has to select a plan, depending on the usage he can opt for

• Heavy Usage – Offers 2-4 Mbps of speed and 50-80 GB of usage with standard installation and subscription fees.
• Medium Usage – Offers 1-2 Mbps of speed and 20-30 GB of usage with standard installation and subscription fees.
• Light Usage – Offers 1-2 Mbps of speed and 5-10 GB of usage with standard installation and subscription fees.

If still muddled, the subscriber can opt for the ‘Plan selector’ option. It works like this –

• In the first step, the option asks for your monthly budget, ranging from less than 500-more than 1000.
• The second step, the option asks for your preference, either speed or usage.
• Depending on your chosen budget and preference, the selector churns out an internet plan matching your criteria.

For a regular user, all the subscriber has to do is renew his plan or can opt for a different plan.

ISP Powerhouse: Tikona Digital Networks through the Years

Among the top internet service providers in India, Tikona Digital Networks has come a long way from its inception in 2008. TDN has a subscriber base of over 2.5 lakh homes, around 10,000 business customers and 1500 large and mid-sized enterprises. Tikona made headlines when it became the largest outdoor wireless network provider in the world, the feat was accomplished by mounting more than 40,000 wireless access points in the top 25 cities in India. Tikona offers the best internet plans which are backed by a sophisticated IT enabled service support infrastructure. TDN holds an All-India Class-A ISP license granted from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India,.

History and Founder

The founder and CEO Prakash Bajpai has a rich background in the telecom industry. He was the CEO and President of Reliance Communications and was instrumental in creating Big TV DTH services, Enterprise wireless business, pre-paid PCO business, and enterprise broadband business. Prakash spotted the growth opportunity of Internet services in India and founded Tikona Digital Networks in 2008. The company had a simple goal of providing the subscribers with the best internet experience, the best service and maximum value for the customer’s spend.

Internet Plans & Reviews

Tikona.in the company’s official website is designed with simplicity in mind. An existing user or a new subscriber will have a delightful experience in navigating through the website. Tikona’s internet plans provide a wide spectrum of options for heavy usage, medium or light usage and even for flexi users whose usage is quite non-uniform during the year. Subscribers can use the ‘plan selector’ option on the website to choose the plan that suits them the most. This option asks for the user’s budget, speed and usage. It then calculates and churns out internet plans suited to the criteria.

Tikona runs a transparent social platform called as Tikona forum for subscribers to send their feedback, grievances or appreciation. An overwhelming number of Tikona broadband reviews indicate that the overall customer experience is cheerful.

A Brief Introduction to Tikona

The internet has become a necessity for much of the population in present times. With so many of our daily activities involving email, social networking and even entertainment based primarily on the functioning of internet, it’s no surprise that it has seen some incredible growth both in sheer scale and crucially, from a technological perspective. With respect to the latter, one of the most intriguing offerings comes from Tikona Digital Networks (TDN).

Tikona’s Unique Proposition

Rather than relying on long cables that jump across buildings; an erringly familiar sight for most residents in Indian metros, Tikona uses a propriety wireless technology that facilitates fast broadband connectivity for a large area. Key to this is a wireless receiver placed in catchment areas where users of TDNs broadband services are located.

In simple terms, users get state of the art network connectivity using wireless technology that minimizes any problems or inconveniences of traditional wires in addition to providing fast, hassle-free internet services.

User Reviews

Tikona reviews were launched merely six years ago, Tikona’s service offerings have garnered rave reviews. For example, the sheer speed of the internet connection in a country where the average connection speed is far below the global average is a hugely attractive point for consumers. What’s more is that the general public really appreciates the fact that Tikona offers a trial at a person’s residence or office space.

Like any entity that cares deeply about a product, the company stands beside their offerings. Several initiatives have been set up that aim to facilitate ease of use for consumers and solve any problems they may face. These include various helplines for the different kind of queries users may face.

Customer Care (Toll Free No.): 1-800-20-94276

Email: customercare@tikona.in

Technical Queries: 022-6174 9700

Non-Technical Queries: 022-6145 7900

A unique offering is TDN’s on-call tech support. This enables the technical team at Tikona resolve any of the customer’s technical issues that usually can be fixed through a field visit, on the phone. However, the company still does offer the tried and tested practice of a physical visit which are arranged as per the customer’s convenience. Moreover for every such visit, the subscriber receives information about the visiting engineer beforehand through an SMS.

On Call Tech Support (technical Hotline): 022-40629629